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Gloria Gaynor  *GRAMMY WINNER*                              "Testimony"                                                Drums, percussion 

 "Nashville" Television Show                                           "Season 5, VOLUME 3 Soundtrack"            Drums, percussion   


Michael McDonald                                                            “This Christmas”                                        Drums, percussion  


Vanessa Williams                                                              "The Real Thing"                                      Drums, percussion  


Charlie Hunter & Lucy Woodward                                 "MUSIC! MUSIC! MUSIC!"                            Drums, percussion


Charlie Hunter Trio                                                           "Copperopolis"                                          Drums, percussion


Charlie Hunter Trio                                                         "Friends Seen and Unseen"                       Drums, percussion                       


Charlie Hunter Quintet                                                  "Right Now Move"                                        Drums, percussion                      


Mike Farris    *GRAMMY WINNER*                                "Shine For All The People"                           Drums, percussion


Mike Farris                                                                      "Silver and Stone"                                         Drums, percussion

Mike Farris                                                                        “The Night The Cumberland Came Alive”   Drums, percussion                    =


Derrek Phillips' Manufactory                                              "Offering"                         Drums, percussion, vocals, production, composing   

McCrary Sisters                                                               "Let's Go"                                                     Drums, percussion                  


McCrary Sisters                                                                “All The Way”                                                Drums, percussion 


McCrary Sisters                                                                “Our Journey”                                             Drums, percussion

Charlie Peacock                                                               "Arc of the Circle"                                         Drums, percussion                                        

Seth Walker                                                                     "Gotta Get Back"                                          Drums, percussion  


Seth Walker                                                                     "Sky Still Blue"                                              Drums, percussion 

Seth Walker                                                                      “Time Can Change”                                     Drums, percussion                 

Erin Bode                                                                          “Photograph”                                               Drums, percussion                  


Erin Bode                                                                          "On a Cold December Night"                      Drums, percussion                  


Erin Bode                                                                         "Little Garden"                                              Drums, percussion                     


Charles Walker & The Dynamites                                   “Love is Only Everything”                              Drums, percussion                 


The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker                          "Burn It Down"                                        Drums, percussion                      


The Dynamites w/ Charles Walker                                   "KABOOM!"                                                Drums, percussion, vocals          

AJ Kross                                                                           "People Gonna Talk"                                    Drums, percussion                 


Sarah Potenza                                                                "Road To Rome"                                           Drums, percussion 


Josh Hyde                                                                      "Into The Soul"                                               Drums, percussion 


Max Abrams                                                                     “Sway”                                                         Drums, percussion                 


Jared Mitchell                                                                   “Maiden Voyage”                                           Drums, percussion                


Nicole Boggs                                                                     “Overcome”                                                  Drums, percussion                 

Tara O’Grady                                                                    ”Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”    Drums, percussion                  


April Caspari                                                                     April Caspari                                                 Drums  


Sarah Williams                                                                   "Ruby"                                                       Drums, percussion, vocals


Jack Silverman Ordeal                                                      Jack Silverman Ordeal                           Drums, percussion                     


Angela Kaset                                                                    "Under a Vincent Van Gogh Sky"                 Drums, percussion                    


Keller Williams                                                                  "Dream"                                                     Drums, percussion


Michele Rosewoman                                                        "The In Side Out"                                       Drums                                         

Terrence Brewer                                                               “The Calling: Volume II”                            Drums, percussion                       


Lucian Ban & Asymmetry                                                "Playground"                                              Drums, percussion


Lucian Ban and the Tuba Project                                    "Tuba Project"                                            Drums, percussion                      

Sam Newsome's Groove Project                                   "24/7"                                                          Drums, percussion                       


Jessica Jones Quartet                                                   "Nod"                                                          Drums, percussion                      


Brad Jones Quartet                                                       "Pouring My Heart In"                                 Drums, percussion                       


Monday Michiru                                                             "Chasing the Sun" - Remixes                      Drums


Vijay Iyer                                                                       "Panoptic Modes"                                         Drums, percussion                      


Justin McRoberts                                                          "Reason For Living"                                       Drums, percussion                    

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